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We are accredited by a number of leading health and safety construction and gate safety organisations, including SSIP, CSCS, CAMESAFE, CHAS and all of our installation engineers regularly undertake comprehensive safety training to ensure safe gate interaction and use. As with all of our metalwork, your handrail can be manufactured in various weights of metal and can be manufactured to accommodate varying ground levels. Generally, the build specification is: Top Rail either 40mm or 50mm domed or tubular handrail, Uprights either 12mm/16mm square bar, 16mm/20mm round or 25mm x 6mm flat bar. To protect the handrails from the elements and extend their lifespan, all exterior products will be hot-dip galvanised to prevent rust and then top-coated in a colour of your choice.
Metal Handrail: Stairs eBay.
The price listed is per meter. We also offer a fitting service if required. Handrails can be made to bolt down or dig in Top tube. Stainless steel metal handrail tube 3 mtr 240 Grit satin polish stair rail pole.
Wrought Iron Metal Outside Exterior Handrail on Two Bolt Down Posts Adjustable for Steps or Slopes 1m: DIY Tools.
Handrails: Diameter 20 Millimeter, Lenght 180 Centimeter, Satin Steel Finish, Carry. Stainless Brushed Steel Stair Bannister Handrail Plain Ends select your length. Brushed Satin Stainless Steel Staircase Bannister Handrail Pre-Assembled with Dom. Brushed Satin-Polish Square Stainless Steel Metal Banister Stair Handrail Pre-Ass.
Stair Handrail Kits For your garden, house entrance and outdoor spaces Simplified Building.
Floor mounted handrails are handrails which come with two upright posts to mount to a floor level surface. They allow you a greater flexibility or positioning and installation. Wall mounted handrail kits. Wall mounted handrails are handrails that do not use any upright posts.
Metal Handrails, Bannisters Balustrades Metal Fabrication London.
Platforms, Ladders Handrails, Cavendish Square, London WC2. Stainless Steel Handrails Grade II Listed Building Unilever House London EC1. Stainless Steel Handrails Fabrication, Hampstead, London NW3. Metal Handrails, Tune Hotel, Shoreditch, London EC2. Brass Handrail Refurbishment Westminster for Grade II Listed London Palladium W1.
Wrought Iron Handrails Metal Handrails.
A customers lovely handrail. Handrails up to 6 feet in length come with two posts, 7, 8, 9 and 10 feet with three posts and 11 and 12 feet are supplied with four posts. Decorative Bracket for Wall Fix Handrail Shown in Bare Metal.
Handrail and Components F H Brundle.
Up/Down Stair Treads. Expanded Metal Flooring. Firm Grip Stair Tread. Self Colour 30x30mm. Gratings Stair Treads. GRP Flooring Treads. GRP Stair Nosing. GRP Stair Tread Covers. Fibre Flat Sheet. Glass Fibre Gratings. Make Your Own Stair Treads. Open Steel Flooring. New 1 x 1 Metre Square Panels. Stair Tread Nosing. Open Steel Stair Tread. Cut Your Own. Gate Automation Systems. Electric Gate Box. Gate Control Accessories. GSM Entry Intercoms. GSM Plus Intercoms. Garage Door Openers. GM Techtronics Wireless Intercoms. Vandal Resistant GSM Plus. Videx Audio Intercoms. 230V Sliding Gate Motors. 24V Sliding Gates Motors. 230V Swing Gate Motors. 24V Swing Gate Motors. Sliding Gate Locks. Cantilever Gate Components. Gate Support Holder. Sliding Gate Motors. Rollaway Door System. Latches, Catches Holders. Drop Bolts Catches. Wooden Gate Accessories. Bolt On Deadlock. Handrail and Components. 1 Metre High. 1.2 Metre High. Slopes, Steps And Ramps. Double, Triple And Foot Rails. Single Chain And Double Chain. Glass Panel Infills. Mesh Panel Infills. Pedestrian Panel Infills. Railing Panel Infills. Stainless Steel Balusters. Stainless Steel Handrail Components. Stainless Steel Handrails Handrail Ends.
Metal Handrails: Modular Pieces and Fabricated Industrial Handrails Lionweld Kennedy Flooring Limited.
Health and Safety. Products Handrail Stanchions Metal Handrails: Modular Pieces and Fabricated Industrial Handrails Lionweld Kennedy Flooring Limited. Saferail is an industrial handrailing system that has been extensively used throughout the UK on a wide variety of sites such as power stations, petrochemical sites, factories and industrial fire escape stairs.
Steel Handrails Metal Handrails Bespoke Metal Handrails.
Metal Handrails and Steel Handrails. A metal handrail or balustrade is an important feature of an outdoor or indoor staircase, path or fence and, as well as the all important safety and protection aspects, it can also provide the unique finishing touch to a project.

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