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handicap Definition of handicap in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
They knew they were trying to ride a very weak and handicapped candidate to victory, and he went down to a much worse defeat than they had anticipated and so I think right now a lot of Democrats are stunned.
handicapped Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
What's' the best way of improving theatre access for people who are physically handicapped? handicapped noun plural. uk / hæn.d.kæpt / us / hæn.d.kæpt / old-fashioned. people who cannot use part of their body or mind because it has been damaged or does not work normally.
Handicapped Synonyms, Handicapped Antonyms
Owing to an unfortunate incident he was handicapped at the start. Course, he had to go in disguise, but he was handicapped by havin red hair. Why should he remember he was handicapped, by a pretty woman and a pathetic episode?
Handicapped Define Handicapped at
Abolish copayment for the unemployed, students, the handicapped, and poor pensioners. Greek Election Deepens Political Chaos and Prospect of Default John Psaropoulos May 7, 2012. You will not want the care of heryoung people should not be handicapped in that way.
Handicapped Definition of Handicapped by Merriam-Webster.
having a disability that substantially limits a major life activity as caring for oneself, working, or having sensory functions. Learn More about handicapped. Spanish Central: Translation of handicapped Nglish: Translation of handicapped for Spanish speakers Britannica English: Translation of handicapped for Arabic speakers.
BBC NEWS UK Magazine Don't' call me handicapped!
I used to help at a handicapped sports club, this issue was raised and a number of people joined in the debate around the bar. In the end there was a majority in favour of handicapped over disabled as being the best description.
handicapped Definition of handicapped in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
In British English it was the standard term until the 1980s, but it has been superseded by disabled, or, in reference to mental disability, expressions such as having learning difficulties or learning-disabled. In American English handicapped is still sometimes used, especially in phrases such as handicapped-accessible and handicapped parking.
Handicap Wikipedia.
Political handicapping, the news process of trying to predict election outcomes, especially rather than focusing on the political issues. Hand-in-cap, an old English trading game that inspired the word handicap." The Handicapped" short story by Larry Niven originally published in 1967 as Handicap."
Why Did Disabled Replace Handicapped As the Preferred Term? Mental Floss.
Things started to change at just that time with the birth of the disability rights movement. A community of people fighting for more independence and self-determination rejected the term handicapped in favor of disabled. This seems counterintuitive, since, at first glance, handicapped looks like the more enlightened choice.

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