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Epoxy flooring systems explained Spectra Contract Flooring.
Top considerations for epoxy flooring system installation and maintenance. Although epoxy flooring systems are relatively easyand cheapto install, expertise and precision are key. Coatings that are applied improperly will chip and peel prematurely, while properly installed epoxy flooring systems should be low maintenance and highly resistant to chemical spills and abrasions.
Industrial Commercial Flooring Epoxy Floor Systems Resin Urethane Floors Stonhard.
The Leader in Seamless Epoxy, Urethane MMA Flooring. We Solve Flooring Problems Worldwide Every Day. Durability and Design. Epoxy, Urethane, MMA. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCT. Find the product that best meets your needs. Select from any or all of the dropdowns below to narrow your search. Auto Dealerships/Auto Repair. Office Buildings/Building Management. Fast Installation 2 days. Easy to Clean. Aircraft Test Areas. Aircraft Test Cells. Animal Holding Areas. Baggage Handling Area. BioSafety Laboratories Levels 1, 2, 3, 4. Containment Areas/Tank Farms. Filter Tanks, Clear Wells. Food Assembly Storage. Food Prep Areas. Outdoor Drop-off Areas Paths. Pedestrian Walkways Exterior. Pedestrian Walkways Interior. Potable Water Contact. Settling Tanks, Clarifiers. Sludge Dewatering Floors. Spas Fitness Centers. Tank Linings, Trenches, Sumps. Transportation Systems manholes, pipe, lift stations.
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Meet the team behind the epoxy flooring solutions. About Epoxy Floor Systems, Inc. Since 1984, Epoxy Floor Systems, Inc. has been an industrial and commercial provider of resinous based flooring systems, which are the perfect flooring solution in most industrial and commercial environments.
Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems Quartz, Chip More.
Additional Benefits of Florock Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems. From epoxy floor coating systems and cementitious urethanes, to MMAs and polyaspartics, our decorative flooring offers an impressive combination of practical and aesthetic benefits, including.: High-traffic finishes with industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance.
Heavy Duty Flooring Coatings Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Systems.
Typical concrete floor systems cant always bear heavy loads or withstand severe abrasion and impact, and the slab underneath will still show signs of damagethis results in the need for costly, time-consuming flooring removal, concrete repairs and flooring re-application. Dont take chances on epoxy flooring coatings that may not be strong enoughtrust the proven strength and durability of a Florock system.
Advanced Epoxy Flooring.
Novolac chemical resistant flooring. Sports recreation synthetic surfacing around swimming pools, locker rooms. Elastomeric flexible membranes allowing for substrate movement and positive waterproofing. Chemical resistant reinforced secondary containment surfacing. Surfacing systems to prevent bacterial buildup and penetration. Advanced high build coating systems. Pigmented epoxy surfacing available in a variety of solid colors.
What Is Epoxy Flooring? Commercial Industrial Floor Strangth Safety.
Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors Quartz epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance epoxy polymer resin with colored quartz grains. The result is a multi-functional floor thats decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant, and exceptionally durable. Where weve used it: locker rooms, restrooms, schools, cafeterias, showrooms, light manufacturing, lobbies, offices, and more.

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