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Conpro Chemicals Private Limited is a well-established company that has built a name for itself in chemical manufacturing and exporting industrial epoxy flooring and industrial epoxy coatings. Backed by experienced engineers and sophisticated facilities, the company has provided chemical and water proof solutions to many renowned brands like Honda, Reliance, Indian Air Force, Ansals, Carrier and many more.
Epoxy Flooring Supplier Industrial Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Coating For Concrete Floors Durall Concrete Floor Coatings.
Comprehensive Range of Epoxy Flooring Supplies. Whether youre in the trade and need access to high-grade epoxy industrial floor coating systems, or are part of the maintenance team for a facility that needs resurfaced floors, we have the industrial concrete coatings and epoxy coverage you need.
4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Available in a range of colors and in low-yellowing options, the 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is one of our most popular epoxy flooring products. 100% Solids Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating. The 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is a 100% solids epoxy coating that offers easy application and high-quality results.
10 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Cor-Ray Painting.
Many facilities that have already experienced the benefits of epoxy flooring are commercial or industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical buildings, food or beverage plants, even laboratories. Here are the major benefits of installing epoxy coating in your building.:
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Our solid color Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is a high-performance 100% solids clear and pigmented epoxy resin flooring system that exhibits great chemical resistance. It's' designed for flooring applications that call for high strength, high gloss, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.
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Our flooring system will not only provide a new look to your facility, it will extend the life of your floors and reduce your maintenance cleaning costs. Let us help you determine the right solution for your commercial, industrial or institutional epoxy floors.
Plexi-Chemie, Inc. Industrial Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy Flooring Manufacturers.
Epoxy Coatings, Chemical Resistant Top Coats Urethane Top Coats. Epoxy Coating Systems. Fill cracks, holes and surface deviations in concrete with ease. Epoxy Patching and Caulking Solutions. Plexi-Chemie is a manufacturer of industrial epoxy flooring systems, concrete repair products and commercial epoxy floor coatings.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Epoxy Flooring Riverside, CA.
An industrial grade epoxy floor coating is a heavy-duty solution thats able to withstand high impact, heavy loads, and other forms of stress. In terms of hardness, industrial epoxy flooring can have a Shore Hardness rating of Shore D 70-90.
How Much Does Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Cost?
You can get a gallon of Water-Based Epoxy Coat for 153.80. One gallon of this product will cover 250 square feet, and dont forget to plan for application of two coats. So as an example, if your floor is 1000, square feet, youll need 8 gallons, which will set you back just under 1250. Youll need a high-quality nap roller and maybe a brush for applying near walls, both of which you can get for less than 10 each. This information should give you a good way to estimate how much to plan spending on your project so you wont be caught off guard with extra costs. Sign up for news, tips and advice Newsletter. Request a catalog. GHS Chemical Labels. Unsubscribe from Catalog Mailings. Tax Exemption Information. Text Us a Photo. How to videos. Product application guides. 2017 Watco Industrial Flooring.
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Garage Epoxy Coating. Kitchen Epoxy Flooring. Lab Epoxy Flooring. Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating Industrial Epoxy Flooring. Flooring in laboratories, plants, and industrial buildings has to be outstandingly durable in order to withstand the type of abuse to which its prone in such locations.
Columbus Ohio epoxy floor contractors installers. 614-348-3184.
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