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Posted on August 5, 2013. This past weekend, we took the next step in our big carport renovation: painting the carport floor. For us, getting the floor done was second on the list of carport/patio priorities, right after the ceiling.
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I have a covered carport with concrete floor. It has old paint on the concrete floor that is wearing off. I want to repaint the concrete floor. What is the best process and resources for this? pI have a covered carport with concrete floor.
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How To Paint A Concrete Floor Duration: 237. Maxson Painting 27579, views. How To Paint A Concrete Floor D.I.Y. At Bunnings Duration: 322. Bunnings Warehouse 28395, views. How to paint concrete patio with Behr Granite Grip floor covering Duration: 1440.
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If you are planning to also paint your garage floor, applying sealant can act as a primer. Priming prior to painting can help achieve better adhesion if moisture is an issue or if the concrete is dusty and weak." Choose a product that is either a water-based floor epoxy or a solvent-thinned epoxy.
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Add a stylish touch to a room by painting a diamond pattern onto a wood floor. How to Install Polyvinyl Floor. Find out how to transform your cluttered garage into another room for your house using polyvinyl flooring. How to Install a Skim Coat for a Concrete Floor.
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How to Acid Etch your Garage Floor for the Best. 7 Reasons Why to Paint Your Garage Floor. Best Paints Epoxy Paint Garage Floor Paint. 12 June, 2017 at 1113: AM. Thanks for all the useful information. I am painting the concrete floor of the pond house.
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Do It Yourself DIY. Painting and Paintings art. How do you paint a carport floor? Will Whamond, Small business owner, bass player and Christian. Answered 136w ago. You need to completely wash the floor with degreaser then allow to dry.
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Obviously there is still a lot to do in the rest of the garage, but just painting it made it look so much cleaner! We were very happy with the end result and now we can actually see our floor!

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