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Metallic epoxy flooring is a popular solution that delivers a breathtaking and unique floor. With the addition of metallic mica chips, your liquid-applied flooring can look like water, lava, lightning, or poured liquid metal. A metallic epoxy garage floor is the perfect choice if you want something no one else has. Along with looking great, metallic epoxy flooring offers the same benefits as other epoxy: chemical resistance, water resistance, seamless installation, and durability. Epoxy Flake Flooring. Epoxy flake flooring is the most popular type of decorative epoxy that can be used in laundry rooms, garages, and commercial applications. We add chips of color for a multi-colored effect that complements your design.
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It is a ceramic material like a tile; however, it is typically 20 mm 0.79 in thick and often comes in squares of 60 cm 24 in. Concrete or cement finished floor is also used for its ability to be treated for different feel and its durability, such as polished concrete. Epoxy resurfacing of concrete flooring is used to update or upgrade concrete floor surfaces in commercial and residential applications see seamless polymer flooring section below.
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We help homeowners and facility owners update their space with cost-effective and durable epoxy flooring solutions. From epoxy flake flooring to metallic epoxy floor coating, your options are endless! Highest quality epoxy resin coating products expect your seamless epoxy floor to last a decade and protect the concrete underneath. Easy to Communicate with and our jobs are done always on-time. If you have questions, we have answers so give us a call. We are one of the top-rated epoxy flooring companies in Dallas for a reason. We are committed to excellence. We proudly service homes and businesses in the entire state of Texas and beyond including Lousianna and Oklahoma. Customers always love our work and give us two thumbs up, want proof? You should check us out on Facebook and read our reviews! You will want to share pictures of your floors to your friends on Facebook and Instagram, we Guarantee it! Written Estimates and Guaranteed Pricing and an experienced crew you can depend on. We offer impact and foot traffic resistant flooring products for commercial and industrial floors and automotive shops. New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing up the Game in Concrete Floor Coverings.
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We assure you that your epoxy floor will last for years to come and we offer a 5 year warranty on our epoxy flooring to give you peace of mind. Why should I choose epoxy floors over other floor coatings? Our 100% epoxy is an excellent concrete protectant. It has the ability to resist most harsh chemicals and slow down the deterioration process that concrete surfaces typically undergo. Over time, concrete surfaces will break down causing cracks, chips and divots. Our professionally applied epoxy coating will hinder this breakdown and keep your concrete floor looking new for many years to come. Does epoxy give off any harmful vapors or odours? Is it safe for indoor use in homes and businesses?
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Click on an image to enlarge. Keech Painting Epoxy Before and Afters. request a free estimate. About Us /. News and Tips /. Request A Free Estimate /. Keech Painting Contractors. Keech Painting Contractors, Inc, has been in business for over 17 years.
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While a one-part floor coating can work fine for interior surfaces that sees little use and are unlikely to experience much moisture, a garage floor or carport slab where cars are parked will be served much better with a genuine two-part epoxy consisting of 100 percent solids.
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Installed flooring for small families as well as some of the largest companies in the world. Take a look at some of our most recent projects. Columbus Epoxy Flooring creates an unmatched beauty that will enrich any garage, basement, workshop, and even commercial or industrial floors!
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For those who want a maintenance-free garage floor epoxy system or a moisture barrier for concrete floors in a home or commercial setting, turn to Floorguard. For more than 30 years, weve been a trusted name and experienced source for epoxy flooring solutions that deliver results.
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When installed properly, it can last for several decades without cracking or peeling. Besides the durability, its lifespan makes it popular for commercial and industrial use. Epoxy is a great choice to decorate your floors as well. Its available in a variety of colors that add a flawless, smooth, elegant shine elegant shine. The flooring can also be arranged into traditional or personalized patterns and designs. The number of choices makes it an economical way to upgrade plain concrete and improve the ambience of a home or office. One of the lesser-known advantages of using epoxy on a garage floor is it enhances visibility inside the garage by reflecting light off the floor. Cons of Epoxy Floors.: One of the major disadvantages of using epoxy on your floors is that its a temporary flooring solution. Though durable and resistant, you will have to replace it eventually. Unlike some other flooring solutions, everyday wear and tear takes it toll on epoxy floors. To keep things looking good, youll have to put down a new coat of epoxy.
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This can save a great deal on maintenance costs, eliminating the need to clean a carpet or grout. Cleaning is easy, and the new look of the flooring can last for years. In fact, TSP may produce the most effective update to an epoxy floor that seems to be losing its luster.
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Epoxy is great under bare feet, but its even better for sliding through the house in your socks. So stop lacquering your walls and take to the floor. Ive shattered mason jars on this floor filled with Bolognese, Saavedra says, and" let me tell you, the floor is victorious every time." Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck. Explore flooring home design renovation channel renovation duo. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives.

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