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From decorative epoxy with flakes and designs to commercial epoxy applications and concrete polishing, we are your go-to company for when you are in search of floor epoxy. What is Epoxy? Epoxy is a special type of flooring that is particularly stain and dirt resistant. Its a mix of a resin and a hardener that is poured into the selected floor space.
Epoxy Resin Flooring Australia Floor Coating
Epoxy flooring Australia A selection of available products. If you are looking to apply the epoxy resin floor coating yourself, you might want to view the below selection of epoxy floor paint suppliers when it comes to epoxy flooring Australia has you covered.
How To Do Amazing Metallic Epoxy Floor! YouTube.
DIY Marble Countertop Metallic Epoxy Leggari Products Duration: 502. Leggari Products 9300, views. 2018, Metallic, Epoxy Flooring Duration: 553. Learn to install metallic epoxy Orange Gold Wine Red Duration: 1943. Epoxy Plus 8721410, views. Loading more suggestions. Restricted Mode: Off.
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Before it dries, epoxy can be sprinkled with paint flakes or other chips to create designs or to simulate granite or other textures, and/or colored sand or similar abrasives to make the surface less slippery. There are three categories of flooring epoxies: 100% solid epoxy coatings are the most expensive, and are typically used by professionals on commercial floors, while solvent-based and water-based epoxies both contain about 40%-60% epoxy.
Epoxy vs polyurethane floors. What are the differences? LearnCoatings.
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HOME COLORS APPLICATIONS RESIDENTIAL BENEFITS CONTACT US. Looking for the Best in Commercial Poured Epoxy Floor Installation? Look no further than Boston Flooring! We are professional installers of poured epoxy flooring for all commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Boston Flooring Company, Inc.
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Epoxy Systems is your source for epoxy flooring, expert concrete restoration, and more. Call us at 1-800-354-9889, or click the button to contact our team. Welcome to Epoxy Systems, LLC. Epoxy Systems is an experienced industrial and commercial flooring contractor specializing in epoxy coatings and concrete repair and restoration.
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Applications and Advantages of Epoxy Flooring.
Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory. Epoxy Floor Coating Preparation. An epoxy coating requires a clean and slightly porous surface to adhere properly. Epoxy may not bond to sealed or polished concrete. The concrete also must be fully cured. Before apply epoxy floor coating, it is important to patch and repair all major cracks and chips in the concrete surface and to remove all grease. If the concrete is old, test the surface for previous layers of epoxy or other products that might have been applied over the years.
Understanding the Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floors.
A professional can also evaluate the moisture tolerance of the floor to minimize the chances of delamination. Related Topics: Epoxy Floors. Blue Green Tomorrow. You may like. Like our Facebook Page. Features 1 week ago. Eco-Friendly Guide To Creating A Lovely Outdoor Living Space. Economy 1 week ago. 6 Proven Hacks To Create A Truly Eco-Friendly Fleet. Environment 1 week ago. The Importance Of Reducing Food Wastage: Effects And Options. Environment 2 weeks ago. Ready To Build Your Urban Garden? How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors. Environment 2 weeks ago. Preparing Your House For Winter: The Ultimate Checklist. Economy 2 weeks ago. 4 Crucial Eco-Friendly Financial Guidelines For The New Economy.
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Author: Gregg Setherton CSSW. It is easy to understand why epoxy flooring is such a popular choice as a floor coating. Hard-wearing and durable, it can cope with even the most demanding situations. On top of this, it is attractive, easy to install and cost effective. Epoxy resin floor coatings have been widely used commercially for many years.
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Red Epoxy Flooring Getting Clear Sealer Duration: 104. by Marcos Shaw 82378, views. Concrete Solutions Metal Fusion Epoxy Floor Demo Duration: 231. by ConcreteResurfacing 105355, views. Epoxy Coffee Table 2014 Duration: 1016. by fastmadone 122226, views. Drawbacks of Epoxy Flooring Duration: 138.

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